Our lifestyle is going to change dramatically because of daily web access by mobile computers. In the near-future, everything  related to our lives will connect to the web and link to each other, and people will have to be provided with flexible services. There is an enormous quantity of information in the network as ubiquitous as the air around us. The  realization of its true potential to enrich our lives is entirely dependent on an innovative product design. Now, more than ever, the threshold between information design and industrial design is collapsing. It is going to become an increasingly important task to design all kinds of daily tools, such as home electronics, furniture, living space, and urban infrastructure comprehensively within a broader context; including considerations for sound, light, tactility, behavior, interaction, let alone shape and materiality.

Meanwhile, export-based industry of our country is beginning to shift course towards a new value-creation system. In addition to trust cultivated by “made-in-Japan” products, which prides itself on high quality, Japanese exports are recalibrating to be evaluated on its unique style or content based on cultural value of the emerging “Japan Brand”. The key to produce new value is “product creation (monozukuri)” which maximizes craftsmen’s sensibility, capability and creativity. Design is, then, a technique that is developed to create a firm value and engender industry with extremely unique creativity.

With this polemic background , we began “Factory of X Design” in Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus as a new hub for creating products. It is a platform based on information technology for “network design with wider vision” and “personal design for value-creation” . SFC is an experimental research educational institution that has placed emphasis on the relationship between information technology and its social implications since its inception. Following that vision, we hope to cultivate Factory of X Design as an ever-advancing epicenter for the future value creation.