Value Creation by Design

Naoki Sakai Laboratory

It is worth doing because it has never been done before.

It is the role of design to create that which does not yet exist in this world. At the Sakai Naoki Research Lab, under the motto, Value Creation by Design, our objective is to take this on from the standpoint of direction. For this reason, through the ideas, suggestions, production and implementation for helping solve the world’s problems, every week we hold training of knowledge and skill building in the design fundamentals of molding/technique. Instruction is on par with visual arts and fine arts university programs. In addition, we visit “design locations” and invite guest speakers to learn how value creation is taking place on location.

To date, through joint development with the Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory and the Ni Nakaza Laboratory we have worked on a number of products. Some of them include “NS_cane”, a cane that incorporates product design, sensing, programming and interactive media, “KINCODE”, a simple muscle firmness gauge designed for athletes, and “mi-te”, an electronic mirror.


坂井 直樹

Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University

坂井直樹 プロフィール