Space-time Design and Multiscale Design

Nakanishi Laboratory

The Nakanishi Laboratory builds elemental technology, design technology, and applied systems for connecting real space with information space.  The laboratory focuses on the following main areas: HCI(Human Computer Interaction), CSCW(Computer Supported Cooperative Work), Mobile Computing, Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing.

Information has become a major element within environments that involve people.  This information is not just what is written on paper or shown on displays, but it also includes information from friends and strangers on the other side of the Internet, as well as what is said by physical things and the spaces around us.  This is why we are carrying out research into new information systems, as well as the process for building them, that combine post-it notes, cell phones, hands, things, PCs, A4 sheets of paper, large displays, bodies, rooms, buildings, cities, the Earth, the Internet, etc.  Through these research projects we aim to clarify Intelligence Amplification x Information Architecture = Information Architecture for Amplifying Intelligence: The structure and characteristics of people, tools, and environments.  As we focus on the interaction between people and things, people and people, and people and environments, from the point of view of environment intelligence and distributed cognition, the keywords when thinking about how to combine these types of tools and environments are “space-time design” and “multiscale design.”


中西 泰人

Professor, Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University

中西泰人 プロフィール