Computer Music and Composition

Iwatake Laboratory

At the Iwatake Research Laboratory, we undertake activities in music research and creation. However, what is simply called ‘music’ can have extremely varied meanings, as we know that music has existed and will exist beyond the lifespan of the human race. Accordingly, it is impossible to manage all kinds of music.
Because of this, the focus of the Research Facility is, within the scope of research and creation, is twofold, summarized in the following two fields: “researching the musical theory of 18th-20th century Western Classical music, and produce work based on that style,” and also “the study and creation of contemporary cutting-edge music (Cyber Sound Project).”

The former is an undergraduate research group created for those people who wish to master the fundamentals of music. The contents are divided into two categories: “Harmony” and “Composition.” In order to compose, theoretical understanding and organizational ability as well as the ability to sensitively create images are all necessary, and Iwatake Research Facility could be called the dojo where these basic abilities are nurtured and refined. To achieve this goal effectively in a short period of time, it is important to have a method and order for how and what to learn.

First, in the “Harmony” research group, the study of harmonics centered on the Western Classical theory that is the basic technique behind modern music, is taught over the course of the year, divided into a first and second term. Naturally, the content learned within a year is limited to the fundamental elements, but once the fundamental abilities have been developed, students should be able to make progress with their own efforts. Then, in the second “Composition” research group, in the first term, we will have each student compose small works based on the harmonic styles of the 18th-19th centuries (For example, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Scriabin, etc). In the second term, we will have students compose a work in the sonata format.

Next, the Cyber Sound Project is a project centered around graduate students. It is possible for undergraduates to participate, but the members will be treated as researcher/creators. Accordingly, the program is centered around students making presentations on their own personal ideas and taking part in discussions based upon them.


岩竹 徹

Professor, Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University

岩竹徹 プロフィール