Documentary Production

Fujita Laboratory

The arrival of the digital age allows anyone to freely manipulate images, and, with (comparatively inexpensive) “prosumer” level video cameras and computers, private individuals can now produce their own image based artworks. In addition, the use of computer networks has now made it possible to send images to people throughout the world. How will such changes impact on image based expression? And furthermore, what would it mean to have advertising and publicity produced not only in a work context, but also on a private basis? At the research group, we are raising such questions through engagement with documentary film making. Specifically, we are taking video cameras off campus and exploring a range of topics, from revisiting our own lives and researching our family histories to dealing with notable local events and history. By going into hitherto unknown places and, for example, talking to the people we meet there, we seek to achieve new discoveries and experiences from which a world (in the form of an artwork) can be created. We then aim to share this world with others. (Admittedly this sharing can involve an extremely limited number of people.)


藤田 修平

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University

藤田修平 プロフィール